Indian cricket players height: How hight Shapes the Greats?

Cricket is a religion in India which is bursting with cricketing talent. Almost everyone in India must have played cricket in their youth. India, a cricket loving nation, has a large population playing cricket professionally. It is a competition between players of different heights and builds. So what role does height play in the game of cricket? In today’s article we will check this very thing and know about the Indian cricket players height.

You may remember the time when the best batters of the world were afraid of young Ishant Sharma. His height and his bowling action made the legs of almost the best of the world tremble. Remember, when the great “Little Master” Sachin Tendulkar, despite his short stature, used to thrash fast and spin bowlers from all over the world. 

Cricket is a game where a player’s success does not solely depend on his height and size. For example height is a prerequisite for success in basketball, success in cricket is not entirely dependent on it..

So let’s find out how height or sometimes the lack of it influences a player’s style and performance on the cricket pitch.

Famous Indian Cricketers: A Height Comparison

Ishant Sharma6 ft 4 inFast Bowler
Jasprit Bumrah5 ft 9 inFast Bowler
Mohammed Shami6 ft 1 inFast Bowler
Zaheer Khan6 ft 2 inFast Bowler
Kapil Dev6 ft 0 inAll-rounder
Sachin Tendulkar5 ft 5 inBatsman
Virat Kohli5 ft 9 inBatsman
Rohit Sharma5 ft 11 inBatsman
KL Rahul5 ft 11 inBatsman
Shikhar Dhawan5 ft 10 inBatsman
Yuvraj Singh6 ft 0 inAll-rounder
Suresh Raina5 ft 10 inBatsman
MS Dhoni5 ft 10 inWicket-keeper
Ravichandran Ashwin6 ft 2 inSpinner
Ravindra Jadeja6 ft 3 inAll-rounder
Axar Patel6 ft 0 inSpinner
Yuzvendra Chahal5 ft 6 inSpinner
Arshdeep Singh6 ft 1 inFast Bowler
Bhuvneshwar Kumar5 ft 11 inFast Bowler

Tall and dangerous fast bowlers

Imagine you are facing a seven feet tall fast bowler. He is taking a run up and throws the ball at a pace of 150 km/h with a high arm action at you. Feeling scared?

Players like Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Shami use their height to their advantage. They may release the ball from a high position, causing it to bounce awkwardly and confuse the batsman. Also taller bowlers generate more speed, making the bowling sharper and more dangerous.

Spinners in action: When spinners use height to advantage.

It is not at all that only tall and big fast bowlers get wickets. Spinners like Harbhajan Singh and Akshar Patel may not be tall or big, but they use their height differently. They can bounce the ball deceptively, giving a bit more turn than the batsmen expect.

Such spinners are also highly capable of changing the angle of their delivery. They make up for their lack of height with pure artful spin bowling. Even now, the highest number of wickets in the world is in the name of a spinner. Can you guess who is the greatest spinner? Let me give you a hint he is from Sri Lanka. Answer the question in the comment section.

Cricket Giants and Legends: Size Isn’t Everything

Height isn’t just about bowling. Players like Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja are called all-rounders because they are good in all aspects of the game. Their height gives them extra power when they bat, allowing them to hit massive sixes! And when they field, they can reach high catches that shorter players can struggle with.

Consider some great Indian cricketers. Like Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. These great cricketers are not tall. Which proves that it doesn’t matter how tall you are if you have amazing skill, footwork and the will to win games. These players are known for their quick reactions and spectacular performances on the field.

Why Shorter Cricketers Make Great Fielders

There are three main aspects of cricket that are batting, bowling and fielding. Height does not matter much in fielding either. Yes, it is true that the higher your height, the greater your reach and the easier it is for you to cover longer ground. But the best fielders in the world are average height. Like Jonty Rhodes, Ricky Ponting or Suresh Raina.

Taller fielders are prone to high-flying catches on the boundary due to their long reach. However, shorter players are faster and more agile, which means they can successfully chase the ball down the outfield and save those precious runs! Ravindra Jadeja is an example.


Cricket is a game where there is a place for every player. Whether they are tall, medium or short. A cricketer can show his talent by batting, bowling or fielding and win the match for the team.

Remember, taller players have reach and shorter players have agility. In India, there is a place for every cricketer combined with talent and hard work, that makes India a cricket powerhouse on the world stage!

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