10 best cricket bat for leather ball

Ever feel like something’s holding you back on the pitch? Like your bat just isn’t quite right? That frustration ends today. Let’s find out the 10 best cricket bat for leather ball. But first, lets consider size before exploring cricket bat. Here is the image for reference:

Tips for Buying:

  • Set a budget. This will help narrow down your choices.
  • Always try before you buy! If possible, visit a physical store to feel the weight and pickup of the bat.
  • Look for sales and deals. Online retailers often have sales, especially during holiday periods.

Disclaimer: I have mentioned price range in the article but I cannot provide real-time prices for these cricket bats as they fluctuate frequently, and I don’t want to give you misleading information. However, I have mentioned a general price range expectation and the best places to find these bats.

Here’s a list of 10 best cricket bat for leather ball play.

1. Gray-Nicolls Supernova

  • Highlights: Premium English willow, large sweet spot, excellent pickup and balance. Favored by players who like a mid-to-high middle.
  • Price Range (beginner to professional): Rs.30000-Rs.40000
  • Where to Buy: ubuy

2. Kookaburra Kahuna

  • Highlights: Generously sized sweet spot, powerful profile, perfect for dynamic front-foot players. Made with quality English willow.
  • Price Range (beginner to professional): Rs.25000-Rs.40000
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

3. SS Ton Gladiator

  • Highlights: Traditional design with a thick profile. Huge sweet spot for those who love driving the ball. Made with top-grade English willow.
  • Price Range (beginner to professional): Rs.17000 to Rs.65000
  • Where to Buy: SS Gladiator

4. MRF Genius Grand Edition

  • Highlights: Endorsed by Virat Kohli, this bat boasts superb balance and power. Pronounced bow and mid-range sweet spot.
  • Price Range (beginner to professional): Rs.30000-Rs.40000
  • Where to Buy: Cricketershop

5. New Balance DC 1080

  • Highlights: Innovative design with a unique profile, offering fantastic power transfer. English willow construction with a mid-blade sweet spot.
  • Price Range (beginner to professional): Rs.30000-Rs.40000
  • Where to Buy: Sportskhel

6. GM Icon

  • Highlights: A classic with modern execution. Lightweight with a mid-profile for all-around performance. English willow that offers great feel and response.
  • Price Range (beginner to professional): Rs.25,000-Rs.1,05,000
  • Where to Buy: Gmcricket

7. Gunn & Moore Diamond

  • Highlights: Lightweight and responsive. English willow with a traditional shape and dynamic sweet spot placement, offering superb all-around playability.
  • Price Range ( professional): Rs.82000
  • Where to Buy: Gmcricket

8. DSC Intense Rage

  • Highlights: More budget-friendly option without compromising quality. Great power, mid-to-low sweet spot suitable for driving. Made with English willow.
  • Price Range (beginner to professional): Rs.20000-Rs.70000
  • Whare to Buy: dsc-cricket

9. SG Nexus Xtreme

  • Highlights: Well-balanced and powerful, ideal for the aggressive batsman. Thick edges and mid-sweet spot. Good quality English willow.
  • Price Range (beginner to professional): Rs.10000-Rs.40000
  • Where to Buy: SG Nexus

10. Spartan CG Pro

  • Highlights: Lightweight feel. A lower sweet spot designed for players favoring backfoot play. Made with English willow
  • Price Range (beginner to professional): Rs.14000-Rs.40000
  • Where to Buy: cricketershop

Important Considerations

  • Skill Level: Consider your batting style and experience level.
  • Price: High-end bats are often made with the best quality English willow, but you don’t have to spend a fortune for a good bat.
  • Weight & Profile: Find a bat that feels comfortable to hold and has a profile that suits your play style. Look for descriptions like “mid-middle” or “low-middle” to understand sweet spot placement.

Best cricket bat for leather ball under 500

Bats under Rs. 500 are usually meant for casual play with tennis balls and might break easily when used with a leather ball. Finding a good quality, full-size cricket bat specifically designed for leather balls under Rs. 500 is very difficult. Leather balls are heavier and harder than tennis balls, and require a bat made of strong willow.

Here are some options to consider:

  • Used Bats: Check local sports shops or online marketplaces for used, higher-quality Kashmir willow bats that might be within your price range.
  • Save Up: If playing with a leather ball is important, consider saving a bit more to invest in a slightly more expensive Kashmir willow bat. It’ll offer better performance and last longer.

Best cricket bat for leather ball under 1000

R-Max Kashmir Willow Wooden Cricket Bat

Current Price: Rs.999

best cricket bat for leather ball

What to Expect:

  • Kashmir Willow: Most bats in this price range will be made from lower-grade Kashmir willow.
  • Limited Features: Don’t expect big edges or high-tech profiles. Bats under Rs. 1000 will be basic in design.
  • Shorter Lifespan: These bats are suitable for beginner or recreational play with a leather ball but might not withstand heavy, long-term use.

Where to Buy: Amazon

Best cricket bat for leather ball under 2000

You’ll definitely find some decent options for leather ball cricket bats under Rs. 2000.

Kookaburra Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat 

Current Price: Rs.1529

What to expect:

  • Kashmir Willow: Most bats within this price range will be made from Kashmir Willow. The willow grade might not be the highest, but it’ll be suitable for leather ball play.
  • Decent Features: You might find bats with slightly thicker edges and basic profiles for better power.
  • Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate Players: These bats are good for beginners developing their skills or for intermediate players who play recreationally.

Where to Buy: Amazon

Best cricket bat for leather ball under 3000

Under Rs. 3000, you’ll have a much wider selection of quality cricket bats that perform well with a leather ball.

SG Max Cover Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Current Price: 2499

What to Expect:

  • Improved Willow Quality: Expect better grade Kashmir willow in bats under Rs. 3000, offering more durability and power. Some lower-end English willow bats might also start appearing in this price range.
  • Better Features: You’ll find bats with larger sweet spots, thicker edges, and more refined profiles for enhanced performance.
  • Suitable for Intermediate to Advanced Players: These bats are great for players who are serious about their game and want a bat that can handle regular leather ball play.

Where to Buy: SG


Which bat is used by MS Dhoni?

MS Dhoni has used Spartan, Reebok/Adidas, and BAS bats throughout his career.

Is SG better than SS?

Both SG and SS are great brands. SG is known for tradition, SS for innovation. The best choice depends on your playing style.

Which bat Surya Kumar Yadav use?

Surya Kumar Yadav uses the SS TON Gladiator model.

What is the price of Babar Azam bat?

Babar Azam’s Gray-Nicolls bat will likely cost around 70,000 PKR, however it depend on the willow grade and retailer.

What is the weight of Babar Azam bat in grams?

Babar Azam likely uses a bat weighing between 1100-1250 grams.

How much is Virat Kohli’s bat worth?

A new MRF bat like Kohli’s costs around Rs.40,000. A bat he actually used would be worth much more as a collector’s item.

Last Words

While this guide offers a fantastic starting point, remember that the “best” cricket bat is ultimately personal. Your playing style, your strengths, and even your hand size all play a role. Take time to try different bats, find what feels right, and unleash your true cricketing potential.

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