13 Amazing Hardik Pandya Tattoos

Hardik Pandya tattoo transcend mere trends and delve into the realm of celebrity style, where body modification becomes an extension of identity.

His iconic body markings have sparked conversations about tattoo culture in India, influencing popular ink designs and inspiring fans to embrace skin art as a form of self-expression.

Placement plays a crucial role in his storytelling. The roaring lion on his arm embodies strength and leadership, while the intricate mandala on his chest signifies balance and spirituality.

The artistic expression shines through in the detailed portraits of his family members, etched close to his heart, and the motivational quotes that serve as constant reminders on his forearms.

How Many Tattoos Does Hardik Pandya Have?

Hardik is known for his extensive tattoo collection, which adorns his body with meaningful symbols and striking designs. According to various sources, he has around 13 tattoos, each holding a unique significance.

Some famous tattoos include a “believe” tattoo on his left arm, a peace symbol on his neck, paw tattoos on his neck etc.

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The Stories Behind Hardik Pandya’s Tattoos

Let’s delve into the stories behind some of Hardik Pandya’s most prominent tattoos:

  • The Corinthian Helmet: Representing strength, protection, and a warrior spirit.
  • The Tiger: Symbolizing power, ferocity, and inner fortitude.
  • The Lion: A universal symbol of courage, leadership, and nobility.
  • The Bald Eagle: Embodying freedom, vision, and spiritual connection.
  • The ‘Believe’ Tattoo: A constant reminder to believe in oneself.
  • Paw Prints: Representing his love for his dogs.
  • Clock with Birth Time: A personal touch commemorating his birth.
  • Fatherhood Tattoo: Celebrating the profound bond with his son.
  • Peace Symbol: A universal message of harmony.
  • Media Player Symbols: Symbolizing life’s journey and control.

In Hardik Pandya’s Own Words

In his interview with Vikram Sathaye, Hardik Pandya talks about his tattoos. He said in the interview that his tattoos represent his life journey. You can watch and learn more about it in the video below:

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Hardik Pandya Tattoo Meaning:

Hardik Pandya’s a walking storybook – his tattoos tell us a lot about who he is! Let’s figure out some of his most famous ones:

The Power Player:

  • Lion Tattoo (Left forearm): Lions are the kings of the jungle – strong, brave leaders. This shows Pandya’s got that same power on the cricket field!
  • Tiger Tattoo (Biceps): Tigers are fierce and determined. This means Pandya’s ready to fight hard for victory.

Peace and Focus:

  • Media Player Tattoo (Chest): This excellent design stands for balance and finding your center. It might help Pandya stay calm even when the pressure’s on.

Love and Drive:

  • Motivational Words : Phrases like “Believe” located on his Forearms remind him to never give up on his dreams. “Faith” tattoo on his left wrist suggest self discovery and his personal growth.

The Fighter:

  • Corinthian Helmet (Right Forearm): Worn by old-timey Greek warriors, this symbolizes protection and strength – perfect for Pandya’s uncompromising attitude.
  • Knight with a Sword (Inner Arm): Knights are super brave. This tattoo might be about fighting for what he believes in.

Other Cool Designs:

Hardik Pandya Neck Tattoo

  • Peace Symbol (Neck): It’s about staying calm and peaceful, especially during challenging moments.
  • Dog Paws (Neck): Pandya’s a dog lover! These paws are a shout-out to his furry friends.
  • Remember: Tattoos are super personal! We can guess why Pandya got him, but he’s the only one who knows for sure. They show us how pictures can tell amazing stories!

Pictures of Hardik Pandya’s Tattoos

Here are quality images of 13 of his most prominent tattoos: 

1. Corinthian Helmet Tattoo Photo:

2. Tiger Tattoo Photo

3. Lion Tattoo Photo

4. Bald Eagle Tattoo Photo

5. Believe Tattoo Photo

6. Paw Print Tattoo Photo

7. Clock With His Birth Time Tattoo Photo

8. Fatherhood Tattoo Photo

9. Peace Style Symbol Tattoo Photo

10. Play Pause Continue (Media Player) Tattoo Photo

11. Live to Succeed or Die Trying Tattoo Photo

12. Abstract-Never Give Up Tattoo Photo

13. Faith Tattoo Photo

Hardik Pandya Tattoo Price

Hardik Pandya has many tattoos on his body. Some are small and simple while others are big and complex. Hardik Pandya “Faith” tattoo is small and just words, hence the price is around 4k to 15k INR. While his big “Lion” tattoo cost around 100k and above.

The tattoo price mainly determines on four aspects: (1) By Skill Set of Artist (2) By size of the tattoo (per sq. inch) (3) By Time (per hour) (4) By Session (per day). You can refer below table for more information on tattoo price:

Average pricing of Tattoo

Level of SkillBy size (Per Sq. Inch)By time (Per hour)By session (Per day)

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If you admire Hardik Pandya’s bold and expressive tattoos, here are some similar styles and artists to explore:

  • Traditional Americana: Think classic sailor tattoos with strong outlines and vibrant colors. Check out artists like Myke Chambers, Sailor Jerry etc.
  • Neo-Traditional: A modern twist on the ‘old school’ style, often with more intricate designs. See the works of Luan Roots.
  • Blackwork: Dramatic and graphic, this style uses solid black ink and bold shapes. Explore the portfolio of Chergin Igor.

Remember, the above are international tattoo artists; you can learn from them and get inspired by them. Contact your local tattoo artist for more details.

The Artistic Journey

Sunny Bhanushali, the creative mind behind many of Pandya’s tattoos, shared insights into the cricketer’s artistic journey. He described Pandya as someone with a vibrant and explorative spirit, reflected in his choice of tattoos and personal style.

Another tattoo artist, Deep Kundu, who designed Hardik Pandya’s famous tiger tattoo, recalls working with Hardik Pandya. In his words..

When Hardik Pandya first came in, he wanted a tiger and was very specific about getting a tiger. He wanted a calm tiger who knew where it stood.

Deep Kundu

You can watch the full interview of Deep Kundu to learn more about Hardik Panday’s tattoos.

video credit : CricTracker

His tattoos serve as a reminder that body art can be more than just aesthetic; it can represent personal values, aspirations, and stories. They encourage others to delve into the symbolism, find their unique narrative, and etch it onto their own canvas of self-expression.

The Rejected Offer

Pandya’s association with tattoos even extended to the world of endorsements. In 2023, a news article published on IndiaTimes.com made headlines about Hardik Pandya turning down a tattoo offer from Taco Bell and Microsoft Xbox, adding an amusing twist to his tattoo-related adventures.

Fake News Alert

There was a rumor circulating that Hardik Pandya had a tattoo with his name written in 16 different languages. However, this news was false. Hardik Pandya did not get such a tattoo.


1. How many tattoos does Hardik Pandya have?

Hardik Pandya has 13 tattoos, including the warrior’s helmet, tiger, lion and many more. Each tattoo represents a different aspect of his personality and experiences.

2. What is the meaning behind Hardik Pandya’s tattoos?

Each tattoo on Hardik Pandya’s body holds a unique and personal meaning for him. The warrior’s helmet symbolizes strength and courage; the lion represents power and leadership.

3. Is Hardik Pandya planning to get more tattoos?

While there is no official information about Hardik Pandya’s future tattoo plans, his love for body art suggests that he may continue adding more tattoos to his collection in the future.

4. Who is the tattoo artist for Hardik Pandya?

Bengaluru-based Deep Kundu [owner of Deep Craft] is the man behind the tiger tattoo of Hardik Pandya. The lion, the warrior helmet, and the eagle tattoos were created by Sunny Bhanushali.

5. Do Hardik Pandya’s tattoos have any special significance?

Yes, each of Hardik Pandya’s tattoos carries a special significance. They represent his personal values, his journey in cricket, and his passion for exploration and self-discovery.

6. How much is 1 inch tattoo?

The cost of a tattoo depends on the artist’s skill level, among other factors. 1-inch tattoo could cost around ₹750 from a beginner, or around ₹4000 from a well-known, experienced artist.

Discovering the World of Tattoos

Pandya’s celebrity tattoos have become a talking point, blurring the lines between sports personalities and fashion icons. He doesn’t shy away from showcasing his ink, often sporting sleeveless jerseys, making his tattoo trends a part of his lifestyle.

This has undoubtedly influenced the way body image and permanent body art are perceived, particularly among young adults.

While some might view his tattoos as mere fashion statements, it’s important to remember that they’re deeply personal. They represent his journey, his values, and his loved ones.

His tattoo canvas is a unique blend of cultural references, spiritual symbols, and artistic flair, making him a standout figure in the world of cricket and beyond.

Thinking about getting a tattoo like Hardik Pandya? Hold on!

Getting a tattoo can be super cool, but here are some essential things to know first:

  • Tattoos last forever! Before you get inked, make sure you really love the design, and it’s something meaningful to you. It’s hard to change your mind later.
  • Getting a tattoo can be risky. Make sure you go to a spotless and safe tattoo shop. Ask a parent or trusted adult to help you find a good one.
  • Learn how to take care of your tattoo. A new tattoo needs special care, so it heals properly.

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