How to Play Cover Drive Like Kohli: A Pro’s Guide

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If you wondering how to play cover drive like Kohli and want to add the elegant and powerful Virat Kohli cover drive to your batting arsenal, you’ve come to the right place.

As a coach with experience training players at various levels, I’ll break down the technique, provide actionable drills, and offer insights that will help you master this iconic shot.

Technique Breakdown

1. Stance: Your Foundation for Greatness

  • Coach’s Insight: Your stance sets the stage for the entire shot. Think balance, stillness, and readiness. A relaxed yet alert athletic stance is what we’re aiming for.
  • Description: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and weight evenly distributed. Hold your bat high with a comfortable grip, elbows slightly bent for both power and control.

Tip: Practice standing tall with a relaxed grip, focusing on balance and weight distribution.


  1. Stand in front of a mirror and mimic Kohli’s stance.
  2. Hold for 10 seconds, ensuring comfort and stability.
  3. Repeat ten times.

2. The Kohli Shuffle: Footwork Fit for a King

Coach’s Insight: Kohli’s shuffle isn’t just about moving sideways; it’s about timing and positioning for optimal power transfer. Think precision, not flashiness.

Video Credit: Cricket-blog

Description: As the bowler releases the ball, take a controlled, small step with your front foot towards the line of the ball, slightly across your body. This preloads your weight for a powerful drive and brings you into an ideal position.

Tip: Practice shadow batting, mimicking the shuffle, and focusing on precise footwork before incorporating the ball.


  1. Place cones slightly outside the off-stump.
  2. Shuffle sideways, stepping past the cones as you imagine the ball arriving.
  3. Repeat 15 times per side.

3. Head Held High: Keeping it Grounded

Coach’s Insight: Don’t just keep your head still; think about your eyes. Focus intently on the point of contact between the bat and ball. This will help with timing and keeping the shot on the ground.

How to play slower ball in cricket
Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli head position

Description: Keep your head steady over your front knee with your eyes locked onto the ball. Imagine you’re watching it all the way to the middle of your bat.

Tip: Focus on keeping your head still and balanced over your front foot throughout the shot. Don’t dip or sway, as this can loft the ball.


  1. Place a tennis ball near your front knee.
  2. Practice swinging your bat while keeping your head still and focused on the ball.
  3. Repeat ten times per side.

4. Timing is Everything: The Masterful Flick of the Wrist

Coach’s Insight: Timing and wrists are what separate a good cover drive from a great one. It’s not about brute force; it’s a subtle acceleration at the last moment.

Description: As the ball enters your hitting zone, let your wrists add a controlled flick to the stroke. This generates extra power and guides the ball through the gap.

Tip: Practice wrist stretches and flicks with a light bat, focusing on timing and control rather than brute force.


  1. Hold a tennis ball and practice flicking it forward with your wrist
  2. mimicking the timing and motion of a cover drive.
  3. Repeat 20 times.

5. Follow-Through: The Flourish of a Champion

Coach’s Insight: The follow-through is about completeness and maximizing power transfer. Let your bat follow the ball’s path without stopping short.

Description: Let your body flow with the shot. Your arms will extend fully, and your bat will finish high, naturally pointing towards the cover region.

Tip: Focus on completing the shot, letting your body naturally follow through. Don’t cut short the swing, as this can affect timing and direction.

Drill: Practice shadow batting, focusing on extending your follow-through and ending with the bat pointing towards cover. Repeat ten times per side.

Bonus Tip: Watch and analyze Virat Kohli’s cover drive highlights against different bowlers and under various match conditions. Please pay attention to his shot selection, adjustments, and mental approach.

Addressing Different Skill Levels:

Below is an instructional video to break down Virat Kohli’s stance and shuffle. Watch it closely and try to implement the same in your technique. I have break it down further for beginners, intermediate and advanced players to understand the concept better.

For Beginners:

Start with the basics, focusing on stance, head position, and grip—practice shadow drills in front of a mirror to improve your technique.

For intermediate players:

Work on footwork and timing through drills that involve hitting the ball against a wall. Focus on judging length and developing wrist control during these exercises.

For advanced batsmen:

Refine your technique by incorporating the challenging Kohli shuffle footwork technique and practicing advanced timing drills. Experiment with different shot selections and adaptability to various bowling styles.

Which of these describes Kohli’s stance correctly?

  • A. Feet close together, bat held low.
  • B. Balanced stance, feet shoulder-width apart, bat tilted back slightly.
  • C. weight on the back foot, bat raised high.

Bonus: true or false? In a perfect stance, your dominant eye should be directly over the ball.

Identify the correct sequence of Kohli’s “shuffle”:

  • A. Sideways shuffle, front foot slightly past off-stump, back foot steps across.
  • B. The front foot strides forward, the back foot follows, and the head dips.
  • C. weight shift onto the back foot, small shuffle sideways, front foot near off-stump.

Bonus: Draw the “Kohli shuffle” footwork pattern, marking the positions of both feet at key points.

Where should your head be positioned during the cover drive?

  • A. tilted towards the off-side.
  • B. over your front knee, staying steady.
  • following the movement of the ball.

Bonus: Explain why keeping your head over your front knee is crucial for a grounded cover drive.

When should you flick your wrists during the cover drive?

  • A. Just before impact for power and direction.
  • B. Swing the bat to generate momentum.
  • C. After making contact, lift the ball.

Bonus: Practice a wrist-flick drill with a tennis ball. Describe the feeling of a perfect flick.

How should your follow-through look in a well-executed cover letter?

  • A. Short and abrupt, bat close to your body.
  • B. Smooth and extended, bat pointing towards cover.
  • C. Lopsided, with more weight on the front foot.

Bonus: Explain how a complete follow-through contributes to power and accuracy.

Instructional Videos:

  • A short video clip below shows Kohli executing the cover drive with perfect form. It will provide you a visual reference to grasp the intricacies of the shot.

Insight from a renowned coach and player:

Unleash the Kohli Cover Drive: Downloadable Tutorials

To enhance your learning experience, we’ve created two downloadable resources to help you conquer the Kohli cover drive:

1. The Kohli Cover Drive Masterclass: Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

2. Conquer the Covers Infographic: A Visual Cheat Sheet

Unleash the Kohli Cover Drive: An Interview with [HEER SHUKLA, Women Under-19 team Coach]

To delve deeper into the mastery of the Kohli cover drive, we sat down with renowned Heer Shukla, a famous coach at the Gujarat Cricket Association.

Through powerful and insightful advice, Coach Shukla sheds light on the nuances of this iconic shot, offering valuable tips for aspiring batters:

Q: Coach, what image best captures the essence of Kohli’s cover drive?

Coach [Shukla]: Close your eyes and imagine Kohli poised, his bat held high, and his stance a perfect balance of power and anticipation. He’s a coiled spring, ready to unleash. Suddenly, the bowler releases a fiery delivery, but Kohli remains calm and laser-focused.

See the ball leaving the bowler’s hand, a blur of red against the green canvas. Just before it arrives, Kohli initiates the “Kohli shuffle,” a subtle dance of the feet, finding perfect placement. His head stays steady, like a lighthouse guiding the bat’s path amidst the storm.

Then, the ball takes flight in a flash—a flick of the wrist, a whisper of the bat. It traces a low, elegant arc, finding the gap between fielders, a brushstroke painting the boundary green.

Q: What’s the single most crucial element for nailing the cover drive?

Coach [Shukla]: Timing. Imagine time slowing down as the ball approaches. It would help if you felt its rhythm, understood its trajectory, and then unleashed the bat with perfect timing in that microsecond before impact.

It’s a delicate dance between power and control, a brushstroke finding its perfect form on the canvas—practice, practice, practice. Feel the ball, internalize its rhythm, and trust your muscle memory.

Q: How can modern T20 players adapt the cover drive to their needs?

Coach Shukla: The cover drive isn’t just about elegance but intelligent cricket. Think of it as a precision weapon, perfect for finding those quick singles and twos essential in T20s.

Don’t always aim for the boundary; learn to play the gaps and manipulate the field with intelligent shot selection. The cover drive, mastered and adapted, can be your secret weapon in the fast-paced world of T20.

Q: What makes Kohli’s cover drive stand out from the rest?

Coach [Shukla]: It’s the complete package. The footwork, the head position, the timing, the wrist control, the follow-through—it’s all one seamless symphony. But what truly sets him apart is the mental game.

He approaches every ball with unwavering focus, reading the bowler, anticipating the delivery, and executing unflinchingly and confidently. Watch him bat; you’ll see the fire in his eyes and the unwavering belief in his stroke.

Q: Any final advice for aspiring batsmen wanting to master the Kohli cover drive?

Coach [Shukla]: Dream big, practice hard, and always keep sight of the joy of the game. Watch the greats, dissect their technique, and make it your own.

The cover drive isn’t just a shot; it’s a journey of self-discovery, a dance of bat and ball. So, go out there, unleash your inner Kohli, and paint the boundary with your masterpiece.

Q: Coach, you’ve seen countless young players work on their cover drives. What’s the most common mistake that holds them back?

Coach [Shukla]: Definitely trying to overpower the shot. The cover drive is about elegance and precision, not just brute force. Many players tense up and swing too hard, leading to mistimed shots or the ball ballooning in the air. Remember, Kohli’s wrists do a lot of the work at the last moment.

Coach’s Tip: Focus on a smooth, controlled swing with relaxed wrists until the moment of impact.

Q: Kohli is known for his adaptability. How does he modify his cover drive to conquer different match situations and bowling styles?

Coach Shukla: That‘s where his mastery truly shines. Against fuller deliveries, you’ll see him use his front foot more, getting right to the pitch of the ball for a powerful on-drive.

If the bowler goes short, he’ll often stay back and use the pace, guiding the ball square of the wicket for a more controlled cut. He reads the situation and adjusts brilliantly.

Coach’s Tip: Analyze the field placement and the bowler’s line and length. Decide whether to attack with a full-blooded drive or use the bowler’s pace for a more controlled shot.

Q: Footwork is crucial for the cover drive. Could you give us a couple of specific drills to help players master the “Kohli shuffle” and get into the ideal position?

Coach [Shukla]: Absolutely! Here are my favorites:

  • The “Step and Tap” Drill: Place a cone just outside your off-stump. As a partner simulates releasing a ball, practice your shuffle, ensuring your front foot taps lightly next to the cone at the precise moment you imagine striking the ball.
  • The “Shadow Drive” Drill: In front of a mirror, practice the complete cover drive motion without a ball. Focus on the shuffle, head position, and follow-through. Visualization is a powerful tool!

Coach’s Tip: Remember, the shuffle is small and precise. Practice these drills for 10-15 minutes daily to build muscle memory.


Mastering the cover drive like Kohli requires technical skill, mental approach, and practice. This article aims to help players of all skill levels enhance their cover drive technique by breaking down each element and providing practical tips.
Remember, practice and persistence are keys to unlocking the Kohli within you. So grab your bat, head to the nets, and unleash your cover drive with finesse and precision!

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