What is an Arm Ball in Cricket? Master the Art of Deception

Cricket is as much a mental battle as it is a display of physical skill. For the off-spinner, the arm ball is a potent psychological weapon capable of shattering a batter’s confidence and turning the momentum of a match.

If you’re an off-spinner, the arm ball is a potent tool to have in your bowling repertoire. This deceptive delivery, instead of turning away from a right-handed batter as expected, skids straight. When used judiciously, it can shatter a batter’s confidence and completely derail their innings.

What is an Arm Ball in Cricket?

An arm ball is fundamentally a variation on an off-spinner’s ball delivery. The primary difference lies in how the ball is released to minimize spin. It’s a subtle shift, but the impact on the batter, who is anticipating the ball to turn, can be dramatic. When used sparingly, it becomes a potent weapon of surprise.

Practice Makes Perfect

Developing a reliable arm ball takes dedicated practice. Here are some drills:

  • Single Stump: Aim to hit a single stump consistently with your arm ball. This helps you groove the straight trajectory.
  • Target Training: Set up a target in front of the stumps and try to hit it repeatedly while maintaining the straight line.

Masking Your Delivery

The effectiveness of the arm ball relies heavily on surprise. Ensure your bowling action looks indistinguishable from your usual off-break delivery. A sudden change in wrist position or arm trajectory gives away the secret.

Strategic Deployment

The arm ball works best when used selectively. Here’s when it’s most effective:

  • Against Anticipating Batters: If the batter is set and expecting your off-breaks, the arm ball can break their rhythm.
  • Pitch Conditions: A pitch providing little assistance for spin bowlers might favor the arm ball with its skidding action.
  • Setting a Trap: Bowling a sequence of off-breaks that turn sharply will make the unsuspecting batter even more vulnerable to the arm ball.

Pro Tip: “Don’t overuse this weapon. If you bowl too many arm balls, batters will start to pick them more easily.”

Mastering the arm ball takes patience and dedication. With regular practice and smart usage, you’ll add a powerful dimension to your off-spin bowling, leaving batters bewildered even on your best days.

Understanding the Mechanics of the Arm Ball

The deceptive nature of the arm ball lies in its similarity to a traditional off-break delivery. However, subtle adjustments in its execution result in a dramatically different outcome:

  • The Grip: The key lies in the finger positioning. While an off-break grip places primary pressure behind the seam, an arm ball grip requires your index and middle fingers to be slightly to the side of the seam. This allows you to ‘roll’ over the ball at release.

  • The Release: Unlike the off-break, where the fingers impart sidespin, you want to minimize rotation for an arm ball. Keep your wrist strong with a straight release. Let your fingers brush along the side of the seam and across it, creating forward momentum with minimal backspin.
  • The Disguise: The essence of a successful arm ball lies in its deception. Maintain a consistent bowling action, indistinguishable from your stock off-break delivery.

Arm Ball Technique: Practice

  • The Wall: A classic drill: repeatedly bowl your arm ball at a wall, focusing on a straight trajectory and ‘skidding’ bounce.
  • Target Practice: Place targets on the pitch—cones, a specific area of the crease, etc. Combine off-break bowls with the arm ball, striving to hit the target while maintaining the line.
  • Partner Sessions: Bowl to a batter in controlled net sessions. Have them ‘call’ your deliveries, forcing you to master masking your variations.

Strategic Use: When to Unleash Your Secret Weapon

The arm ball’s impact comes from its selective and calculated use:

  • Exploit Anticipation: A batter expecting a turn is far more likely to be deceived by a straight delivery, leading to potential LBW or bowled dismissals.
  • Consider Pitch Conditions: A dry, unresponsive pitch offers less assistance to a traditional off-break, making the arm ball’s skidding action more potent.
  • Variations: Subtle deviations in seam angle can create an arm ball that swings slightly in or away, adding another dimension to your deception.
  • Mind Games: Bowl a sequence of sharp-turning off-breaks to make the batter hyper-aware of spin. This sets them up to be completely surprised by the arm ball.

Pro Tip: “The batter shouldn’t know it’s coming until it’s too late. The arm ball works best when it’s a shock to the system.”

Advanced variations of the arm ball

1. The Slider

  • The Change: Introduce a subtle inward angle with the seam. This imparts a slight inswing on an otherwise straight trajectory.
  • How to Achieve: Tilt the seam slightly towards your body at the point of release. Maintain the focus on a straight release with minimal finger spin.
  • When to Use: Effective against batters looking to play off the back foot, as the inswing can trap them LBW or induce a false shot towards the leg side.

2. The Zooter (or Drifter)

  • The Change: This variation has a subtle outward seam angle, resulting in slight away movement off the pitch.
  • How to Achieve: Angle the seam subtly away from your body while keeping the primary action of the arm ball: straight release, minimal spin.
  • When to Use: Ideal for tempting a right-handed batter to drive through the off-side, making them vulnerable to an outside edge.

3. The Carrom Ball

  • The Change: While not strictly an arm ball, it’s a related ‘mystery’ delivery. It’s flicked off the middle finger, imparting backspin and causing the ball to skid on with a surprising dip.
  • How to Achieve: This takes dedicated practice with a unique grip. There are excellent tutorials available online.
video credit YouTube channel nothing but cricket
  • When to use: high-risk, high-reward delivery, as it’s difficult to master. Use it sparingly against an aggressive batter looking to attack.

Key Points for Advanced Variations

  • Mastery of the Basics: Ensure you have a solid, reliable arm ball before exploring these variations.
  • Subtlety is key: Exaggerated changes in seam angle break the illusion. These are meant to be slight deviations from your core arm ball form.
  • Video Analysis: Record yourself bowling these variations, paying close attention to your release point and seam position, to refine your technique.

Additional Considerations

  • Finger Strength: The carrom ball, in particular, requires good finger strength for control. Specific finger strengthening exercises can help.
  • Pitch Conditions: Variations like the slider and zooter may be more effective on pitches offering some seam movement.

How To Bowl An Arm Ball?

Here are some drills:

Drill 1: Seam Awareness

  • Focus: internalizing subtle seam angle adjustments for the slider, zooter, and similar variations.
  • The Drill: With a cricket ball in hand, practice these adjustments:
    • Standard Arm Ball: Focus on the seam pointing directly down the pitch.
    • Slider: Tilt the seam subtly towards your body (for a right-arm bowler).
    • Zooter: Tilt the seam subtly away from your body.
    • Visualize: As you adjust the seam, imagine the ball’s trajectory after release.

Drill 2: Target Training with Variations

  • Focus: precision and conscious control over variations.
  • The Drill:
    • Set up multiple targets on the pitch (cones, specific spots on the crease).
    • Aim to hit each target with different variations.
    • Start with static bowling, then progress to a full run-up.
    • Introduce a partner to ‘call’ which variation they want you to bowl, forcing you to adjust quickly.

Drill 3: The “Shuffle” Drill

  • Focus: Disguising variations within a continuous sequence to simulate match conditions.
  • The Drill:
    • Bowl at a single stump or target.
    • Mix up your deliveries rapidly.
      • Standard off-breaks
      • Arm ball
      • Slider
      • Zooter (if you’re working on it)
      • Potentially include the carrom ball
    • Focus on maintaining consistent action throughout.

Additional Tips

  • Start Slow: Master the variations in isolation with controlled, static bowling before introducing a run-up.
  • Video Analysis: Record your sessions to review your release, the seam position, and the resulting trajectory of each variation.
  • Feedback: Partner with another bowler or a coach to get feedback on whether your variations are sufficiently subtle compared to your core arm ball.

Remember, patience and dedicated practice are crucial when developing advanced deliveries like these.


Mastering the arm ball elevates your off-spin bowling from merely good to truly deceptive. Through understanding its mechanics, dedicated practice, and intelligent deployment, you gain the ability to disrupt a batter’s rhythm and shatter their confidence. Remember, the arm ball’s greatest strength lies not in the delivery itself, but in the element of surprise.

Start practicing: “Find a wall, grab a ball, and start perfecting your arm ball today!”

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