Who is the Best Finisher in Cricket? Top-10

1. Introduction

Hey everyone! Today, we’re going to talk about something super exciting in cricket – who is the best finisher in cricket? You know, the player who’s really good at scoring runs and winning matches, especially when the game gets super intense towards the end.

2. What Makes a Great Finisher?

  • Composure and Calculation: The ability to stay calm and make intelligent decisions amidst the chaos of a tight finish is paramount.
  • Power and Precision: Clean striking power and finding gaps are essential to score rapidly.
  • Adaptability: Great finishers read the match situation and bowlers’ plans, adjusting their approach accordingly.
  • Stats That Matter: Key metrics for evaluating finishers include strike rate in the final overs, batting average in successful chases, and win percentage when batting second.

3. Candidates for the Title of Best Finisher

Let’s talk about some of the top players who are known for being amazing finishers. We’ve got MS Dhoni, AB de Villiers, and a bunch of other superstars who always seem to come through when their team needs them.

1. MS Dhoni: The Finisher Extraordinaire

The undisputed king of finishing. Dhoni’s statistics in successful chases are unparalleled. His ice-cool temperament, ability to back his instincts under pressure, and trademark ‘helicopter shot’ sealed countless victories for India, most famously the 2011 World Cup final.

  • Evidence: ODI chases with Dhoni at the crease have a win percentage of over 60%

2. AB de Villiers: The Master of Innovation

Known as ‘Mr. 360’ due to his outrageous shot selection, AB could decimate any bowling attack with his combination of power and improvisation, making bowlers clueless and victories seem inevitable when on the crease.

  • Evidence: He holds several records for the fastest ODI 50s, 100s, and 150s, a testament to his rapid scoring.

Photo Credit: Michael Bevan Facebook

3. Michael Bevan: The Finisher

Known as the “Finisher” during his playing days, Bevan was a master of chasing down targets with calmness and precision. His ability to rotate the strike and find the boundaries in pressure situations made him a valuable asset for Australia.

Evidence: Bevan holds the highest-ever List A average (57.86) across players with a minimum of 10,000 runs.

4. Lance Klusener: Epitome of Power

He was an all-rounder, but it was his power-hitting lower down the order that made Klusener unforgettable. He carried South Africa to unimaginable wins in the 1999 World Cup, sadly falling just short in the semi-finals.

  • Evidence: He nearly led South Africa to a World Cup final with his aggressive finishing.

5. Jos Buttler: Modern-Day Marvel

The epitome of the modern-day explosive finisher. Buttler’s fearless batting, audacious shots, and sheer power leave bowlers shell-shocked. His ability to accelerate the run rate in the final overs makes him one of the most feared batters today.

  • Evidence: Possess one of the fastest ODI centuries by an Englishman.

6. Sir Vivian Richards: West Indian Wonder

With his intimidating presence, Richards demoralized bowlers with his sheer power and swagger. In an era before heavy bats and a focus on T20s, Richards could clear any boundary with ease.

  • Evidence: Despite retiring in 1991, it still boasts one of the highest ODI strike rates ever.

7. Javed Miandad: Tenacious Stalwart

A gritty and determined finisher from a nation famed for its bowling. Miandad’s ability to absorb pressure and guide his team to victory, most famously with a last-ball six against India, makes him a legend.

  • Evidence: His last-ball six is one of cricket’s most iconic moments.

8. Mike Hussey: Mr. Cricket

He was dubbed ‘Mr. Cricket’ for his dependability. Hussey was the steady hand when wickets fell, his calmness and ability to rebuild crucial partnerships were as important as his own power hitting.

  • Evidence: exceptional ODI and T20I averages considering his role.

9. Shahid Afridi: A Man With Sixes

‘Boom Boom’ Afridi’s batting was unpredictable and high-risk, yet often spectacularly successful. When things clicked, he could take away a game in a few overs with his aggressive shot-making.

  • Evidence: Held the record for the fastest ODI century for many years.

10. Kieron Pollard: A powerhouse

A powerhouse of a batter who epitomizes the modern-day West Indian ‘big hitting’ style. While sometimes inconsistent, Pollard on his day can destroy any bowling attack.

Who Leads the Pack Today?

The best finisher RIGHT NOW is a heated debate. Buttler’s raw power and consistency give him an edge, but players like Hardik Pandya (India) and David Miller (South Africa) are close contenders with their own finishing styles. Statistically analyzing their performance in the last 2 years, taking into account match situations, would provide a clearer picture.

Important Note: Cricket is a team sport. Even the best finishers can’t win every game. Factors like pitch conditions and the opposition’s bowling greatly impact the outcome.

Mastering the Finish

Want to improve your own finishing abilities? Study these greats:

  • Dhoni’s calculated risk-taking
  • de Villiers’ unorthodox shot selection
  • Bevan’s masterful strike rotation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Best Finisher in Cricket

Can bowlers be finishers?

Absolutely! Bowlers who take wickets at the death or bowl tight, economical final overs are just as crucial.

Who is considered the best finisher in cricket?

The title of the best finisher in cricket is subjective and can vary depending on personal opinions. Players like MS Dhoni, AB de Villiers, and Michael Bevan are often mentioned among the top finishers.

What Does It Mean to Be a Finisher in Cricket?

A finisher in cricket is a player who excels at scoring runs and guiding their team to victory, especially during the closing stages of a match. They have a knack for handling pressure situations and making crucial contributions towards the end of the game.

What Qualities Make a Great Finisher in Cricket?

Great finishers in cricket typically possess qualities such as composure under pressure, the ability to make quick decisions, skillful batting techniques, and adaptability to different match scenarios.

Why is MS Dhoni Often Referred to as One of the Best Finishers in Cricket?

MS Dhoni, the former Indian captain, is often hailed as one of the best finishers in cricket due to his calm demeanor, strategic approach, and numerous match-winning innings where he led India to victory in high-pressure situations.

What Makes AB de Villiers Stand Out as a Finisher in Cricket?

AB de Villiers is known for his innovative batting style, exceptional shot-making abilities, and the capability to turn the game around with his explosive batting, earning him recognition as one of the finest finishers in cricket.

Can a Bowler Be Considered a Finisher in Cricket?

While finishers in cricket are typically associated with batting, bowlers who excel in delivering crucial wickets or tight overs in the closing stages of a match can also be regarded as finishers in their own right.

Are There Any Other Notable Finishers in Cricket Besides Dhoni and de Villiers?

Yes, there are several other notable finishers in cricket history, including players like Michael Bevan, Lance Klusener, Jos Buttler, and many more, who have showcased their ability to finish matches with flair and efficiency.

How Do Fans Decide Who the Best Finisher in Cricket Is?

Fans often determine the best finisher in cricket based on factors such as individual performances in critical situations, statistics related to match-winning innings, and personal preferences for specific players’ styles of play.

Why is luck also a factor? 

A dropped catch, a wide, or just the bounce of the ball can make the difference between a hero and a zero.

5. Conclusion

So, there you have it – the world of cricket’s best finishers. These guys are like superheroes on the cricket field, and they always make the game exciting to watch. Whether it’s MS Dhoni’s coolness under pressure or AB de Villiers’ crazy shots, there’s something special about watching these players finish matches.

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment and discussion. Cricket outcomes have inherent unpredictability.

Let the debate continue! Who do YOU think is the best finisher in cricket right now?

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